Divide and conquer with Zinia.

Too much for a single payment? Buy what you want now and pay for it later in instalments in a simple and secure way with Zinia.

Manage your own budget with Zinia

First instalment due 30 days after shipment

Your remaining instalments will be due on the same day each month.

Pay your instalments by bank transfer

Settle all your instalments with bank transfers. Plus, direct debit payments coming soon.

It's all on our app and website

Manage all your orders and payments on our app or website.

How do Zinia instalments work?

It’s quick and easy:

  1. At checkout, select “Zinia pay in instalments” from the available payment options.

  2. Choose the number of instalments.

  3. Follow the simple steps.

  4. ​Enjoy your purchase!