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Enjoy the freedom of shopping whenever you want. Pay in 30 days with no interest or hidden costs or choose to pay in up to 36 instalments soon.


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The sky’s the limit when shopping online. Enjoy the flexibility to get what you want and pay in 30 days or in up to 36 instalments soon.


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Select 'Pay in 30 days' for zero interest, zero hidden costs and zero worries.
Select 'Pay in up to 36 instalments' for greater flexibility.


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We make sure you always know how much and when you have to pay. Plus, you only pay for what you want to keep.

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We’ll keep an eye on everything and help you keep track of your spending, payments, deliveries and returns with real-time notifications. This means you can enjoy your purchases with 0% stress. Plus, we’re on hand to help – just email or call us.  

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From handbags, tickets, a TV... you choose what to buy and we'll help you pay when it suits you.

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Does your order tick all the boxes? Pick your payment plan.
Not sure about it? Pay in 30 days or soon in up to 36 instalments. Plus, you only pay for what you keep.
Are 30 days not enough? You can soon pay in up to 36 instalments and give your account a well-deserved break.

Safe and secure

We make sure your personal data and payments are secure. We take our anti-fraud measures seriously and constantly improve them. We check each payment rigorously for risks using artificial intelligence (AI). Want to know a little more? Check out our FAQ section.

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