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Give freedom​. Get growth.

Increase your average transaction value and boost sales by offering your customers a flexible payment method.


Later for them. Now for you.

Customers pay later, while you get paid upfront and in full. No risks for you and no interest for your customers. 


Say hi to new customers!

Simplify overall checkout experience and convert visitors into customers.

The easiest way to grow

Integrate Zinia
You'll be up and running in no time with our range of different integration methods and experienced support team.
Sell with Zinia
Customers shop and pay easily with Zinia. You reap the benefits, while we take care of the rest.​
Get paid upfront
We offer customers the possibility to pay later, but you get paid in full and upfront. It’s that simple!

It's a win-win!


Committed to your business

Our solution adapts to your business needs and leverages the Santander Group’s 20-plus years of experience in partnerships with merchants.


Your customers are our customers

Taking care of your customers is our top priority. Leave it up to us to make paying a smooth experience and keep them coming back to your shop. 


Always ethical

Our products and services are bolstered by our ethical commitment to offer our partners a trustworthy and reliable solution for their business.


Safe and secure

Your brand's reputation is in safe hands. We make sure your customer data are secure, and we thoroughly analyse each payment using strict risk systems.


No fixed cost

There are no fixed costs. Simply pay Zinia for each transaction, and not a cent more!


Support when you need it​

We're on hand for you and your customers whenever you need us. 


Ready to get started?

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