At Zinia, we’re always by your side and we want you to have a stress-free experience with us.

As such, we’ll send you a free reminder to pay your invoice within 14 business days. If we don’t receive payment during the second payment term of 14 business days, we’ll send you another reminder and extrajudicial collection costs start applying (€2.50). If we don’t receive payment during the third payment term, we’ll send you a final reminder and the collection costs will increase (€2.50). As soon as the last payment term elapses, the invoice will be handed over to an external collection agency and additional costs will apply.

Please note that once handed over to the collection agency, you’ll need to contact the agency directly in order to make the payment.

If you need more information about non-payments, call us on +31 30 7007 909, email us at or speak with us via the Zinia chat.