If you paid with iDEAL, please bear in mind that:

  • Payments may take 1-2 business days 
    • Please allow a few days for your bank transfer to be registered in our systems.
  • If after 2 days your bank statement shows that you have paid but the status of your payment in Zinia says otherwise, we will contact iDEAL to review the case. Please call us, indicating the following information: 
    • The iDEAL transaction number (16 digits) from your bank statement (this number starts with one of the following: 0020, 0030, 0050, 1150, 0140, 0170, 0670, 1030, 0640, 0370, 0750).
    • The amount.
    • The date/time of your payment.

Please call our agents on +31 30 7007 909 or email them at info.nl@zinia.com.