We make decisions based on available real-time credit data. We are a financial institution, so we always make sure to lend wisely. That's why we assess our customers' ability to pay their debt at the time of purchase and study their historical credit rating. The following factors come into play when approving or declining your purchase:

1. You need to be old enough. You need to be at least 18 years old to use our payment options.

2. A positive credit history. A history of positive behaviour as a Zinia customer increases your chances of being approved. So, don't miss any payments!

3. Do you still have outstanding payments from your previous orders? You need to pay them off first.

4. The total amount in your shopping cart might be too high. Please remove some of the items and try again.

Want more information? Call us on +49 216 1621 0029 or email us at info.de@zinia.com.